Katharina Maderthaner

oben ohne - topless

April 25 - June 25, 2021
Shopping center Mosaik

Katharina Maderthaner showed an installation titled "oben ohne" (topless) in a shop window in the Mosaik shopping center in Ratingen-West from 25 April to 25 June 2021. She combined large-format ceramic vases and a mint-coloured display. A mixture of art and non-art provided ambiguous, humorous moments of disruption.

On April 2, 2022 children from the Ev. Kita Berliner Straße (kinder garden) sang songs of parrots and swans together with cantor Martin Hanke. Katharina Maderthaner developed a stage situation for the singing children.

A shop window becomes a gallery April 27, 2021

Fotos: Johannes Bendzulla