Once upon a time there was a city.
A satellite city.
It tells of utopia and reality.
Every day I think about where I want to live. London would be great. In any case, I want to get away someday.
The question is whether London is so different. Whether it's so different, if you live in a housing estate like this.
I think it is. You could say: I am from London.
Here's too much green.
The humans disappear.
The parrots and the swans are coming.
In collaborations, media artist Anne Schülke has been inventing situations for art, animals and humans in the large housing estate Ratingen-West (Germany) since 2020.

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Adwoa Adjei, Emilene Wopana Mudimu, Neneta Tekama & Joanna Peprah

Martin Hanke, Karin Hanke, Ev. Kita Berliner Straße, MLK-Gesamtschule & Katharina Maderthaner

Christian Schreckenberger

Ute Hörner & the interspecies collective CMUK

Claudia Robles-Angel

Anne Schülke

Katharina Maderthaner

Roman Zheleznyak

The start of the project was made possible by the NRW-Künstler*innenstipendium 2020 and 2021, the continuation in 2022 by a project grant from InfRA West and Neustart Kultur as well as the commitment and trust of all participants:

Detlef Klepsch, Katharina Maderthaner, Roman Zheleznyak, Ute Hörner, Christian Schreckenberger, Claudia Robles-Angel, Kathryn Nix, Kolja Fröhlich, Martin Baer, Markus Wilkens, Taj Irzhavskaia, Naro Egheanz, Leo Schmidt-Dominé, Monika Sowa, Adwoa Adjei, Neneta Tekama / friendship e.V., Annelie Braun, Jaroslaw Gerlaczka / BIWAQ-Projekt InWESTment plus, Cornelia Schillig / städtischer Senior*innentreff, Pfarrer Matthias Leithe, Kantor Martin Hanke / Ev. Kirchengemeinde Ratingen, Melanie Kerscher / Ev. Kita Berliner Straße, Karin Hanke / MLK-Gesamtschule, Michaela Peter, Gebhard Netik, Ilias Papadopoulos / Diakonie Ratingen, Sabine Krebs / Stadtteilbüro Ratingen-West, Erik Kleine-Vennekate, Heiko Knappstein / Stadtarchiv Ratingen, Team des Museums Ratingen.

The documentation of the project on this website is made possible by a grant from the City of Ratingen. The continuation of the project 2021 to 2022 is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.